Community Planning

At Good Earth Advisors, we like to get things done. But results don’t come from telling communities what to do.

We guide progress with an integrated, collaborative approach, anchored by those who live and work in the community. By listening and guiding, we sort through the competing interests and divergent ideas  to find common ground. The result is a technically defensible, economically feasible and public-embraced consensus  that propels an idea into a dynamic and realistic plan of action.

Good Earth Advisors’ planning experience has included strategies for transforming tired downtowns into vibrant centers of commerce and culture — and places to call home. We have reimagined disenfranchised commercial corridors as inviting economic hubs. We have provided the impetus for urban regeneration in some of the most distressed communities by addressing the still-lingering effects of urban renewal. And, as many communities try to accommodate the lifestyle shifts of millennials and empty-nesters, Good Earth Advisors continues to examine market trends, the implications of density, and the benefits of transit in an ever-changing quest to help communities flourish.

Inspiring Change. Enriching Communities. Balancing Growth.

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Planning Services

  • Revitalization Planning

  • Transit-related Planning

  • Urban Planning and Placemaking

  • Economic Development Strategies

  • Community Development

  • Impact Assessments

  • Environmental Studies

  • Land Use & Zoning Analyses

  • Open Space & Recreation

  • Grant & Funding Assistance