Brownfields Redevelopment

It takes a lot more than digging holes, installing wells, and collecting data to unlock the hidden assets of contaminated properties.

Good Earth Advisors began working on contaminated properties before brownfields became a defined term. When a project involved a contaminated property, we cautiously inched towards a strategy without benefit of innocent landowner protection, options for rendering the contamination inaccessible or other more agile regulations now in place.

But even then, we did things differently. While others were using public dollars to build databases, we used our knowledge of community and neighborhood planning and private development to push beyond the singular focus of environmental contamination. Our approach reflected the intricate connection of physical, economic, regulatory, institutional and social forces that drive successful and compatible development. We continue to use this interdisciplinary and regenerative approach today, often through public-private partnerships.

By creating realistic and sustainable re-use options, Good Earth Advisors has successfully guided developers and municipalities through the costly and tedious process of brownfield investigations to remediate contamination and return properties to productive use.

Inspiring Change. Enriching Communities. Balancing Growth.

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Brownfield Services

  • Grants

  • Re-use Strategies

  • Master Planning

  • Environmental Consultant

  • Selection & Management

  • Developer/End-user Attraction

  • Public/Private Partnerships

  • Market and Financial Analyses

  • Historic/Cultural Resource Evaluations