Public Outreach

Sharing ideas…Identifying issues…Airing out conflicts…Understanding concerns…

These are the tenets of citizen engagement. And it’s not always as easy as it may sound.


People and businesses know the most about their communities. They are the experts—true citizen planners. At Good Earth Advisors we approach community members with respect, asking for their vision and providing sound, honest answers that can lead to buy-in and address concerns.


With many voices often speaking at once, Good Earth Advisors can help you artfully guide, and effectively articulate the collective ideas of a community. Grounded in years of experience and technical expertise, we know how to facilitate community conversations that engage without theatrics. The result is mutually beneficial to the community and the idea.


Flexibility is key, spontaneity, a must. We’ll meet people face-to-face on their own turf or use ever-expanding social media opportunities to build trust, understanding and engagement from a truly diverse cross-section of your community. This kind of broad-based coalition building gets results.

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Inspiring Change. Enriching Communities. Balancing Growth.

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